Saturday, November 27, 2010

progress steps

Here is the sketch of Angel - I've enhanced the pencil so you can see it - I will have to soften her eye so she looks shy not grumpy.
She will be 10 x 14 finished and I will take care of the matting & framing for the client. It has a home on a wall with 2 other paintings so we are matching frame size & style.

The first wash of colour is on Bandit. I'm using Payne's gray at this point to keep the changes of value even in hue. Once I have established a bit more of the form, I intend to wash a brownish gray over her - probably a mix of burnt sienna & ultramarine. I'll decide what to do about those extra drips later - maybe I'll add some rather than remove these.

I washed in a yellow background to pop Fergus - although I don't think she needs much popping! The miskit has been removed and I'm decideing my next steps. I will soften some of the edges of the white bits and maybe remove some pigment in places to create a wider range of tones in her wiskers.


Krista Hasson said...

You are off to a fantastic start on all of these

Sarnia Sue said...

Thanks - I have a lot of fun doing these AND they always have homes!