Saturday, July 17, 2010

in progress

today I did a bit more work on the 3 long canvases
I need to decide which direction to take them in. Although it's fairly obscure in the one, all 3 are based on figures from the life drawing I did last winter. They all have a shelf liner block out on them - were the paint is sort of resisting - and I have added the first glaze/wash of acrylic. I use Golden products because I really value the transparency I get with them. I had laid in some splashes (slightly controlled) of GAC 500 before both the shelf liner and the paint. These are visible as lighter areas on the canvas - so 2 kinds of resist on the go.

Monday, July 12, 2010

madness takes control!

Whew! I finally have some time to paint again. I spent most of May & June (when not golfing that is) working on our local Studio Tour. I am the chairperson; web designer and brochure creator by default AND let me assure you - that won't happen again!!! With 24 artists on the tour, you would think some of them would have time to do some of the work - ha! I always was a dreamer.
The results of my work can be seen at

Yesterday I started 4 new pieces - one was a sheet on which I had started to scribble some ideas - I sort of flowed into it. The result is very different from my usual work. I got into stencils and stamping to create value and movement. It isn't complete but I'm letting it sit for a day or so before going on. I might turn it around and decide on a different orientation before it is finished.
16 x 22 acrylic on paper

I have 2 animal portraits to do soon as well - but they can wait.

The other 3 pieces are the gesso print with masked out windows ... look back a bit to see what I'm talking about.
The 3rd one is one step further along. I decided to base these on some figure studies I had from a year or so ago - hopefully the figure will end up just "subtly" there.
these are 16 x 22 acrylic on canvas