Sunday, March 29, 2009

cycles 5 - in progress

this is were it started

This is were it is right now

22 x 22 on paper using fluid acrylics and various media - glass bead gel, gesso and gac 500
I'm not quite sure were to go next - the diagonal division between the larger circles is bothersome so I have posted it on the CWF for some suggestions. Any ideas?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

and starts keep going .....

Here are the previous group, primped and finished - ready to go! I have entered these in an "online" exhibition and am waiting to hear about the results. Now I will look around for other juried shows that might suit my style and enter those - it's time!

This afternoon I meet with the local group of painting enthusiasts. These are the people I demonstrate for occasionally They are mostly interested in representational work so I don't usually show them my abstract pieces. I will take along some of my "beginnings" so that I have something to work on. The one below on the left needs serious thought!! On the left: waterfall (?) 9 x 12; on the right cyles 5 (maybe) 11 x 11.

I don't take large pieces to work on because I get interrupted frequently for advice on works by the others in the group - it's tough to keep a mental flow going so small pieces are easier to work with.