Thursday, November 25, 2010

getting into miskit!

Today was the day to get started on the first 2 commissions I had - I sat the show in the Gallery in the Grove
from 11am to 2pm and since it was very quiet (2 guests) I had time to paint. I got a fair bit done on Fergus and I think I will set her aside to work a bit on Bandit next - her eyes are not the same size right now! Tomorrow I am taking photos of another black dog - yet another xmas present.

Fergus" or Fergie 8 x 10

Bandit - 8 x 11

Since both animals have a lot of black and Fergus has all those white whiskers, I decided to mask out a lot of them using miskit - I don't usually like working this way because when the miskit is removed, the white is quite harsh so I will need to be very patient at the finish.

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