Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've been a bad girl!

I have lots of paintings to post - I have been too lazy to get on the site and update. Sometimes trying to orchestrate my thoughts is more trouble then I care to deal with. LOL It's been a very busy 2 months; studio tours; vacation up @ Port Severn - me painting, guys fishing; vacation at Honor Mi with Patty & Lauren (we did a stack of plein aire pieces) and a 60th bday!!!

First in line are the 3 paintings I finished in September - just in time for the Studio Tours. I don't think I needed to rush to get work done; it was a fairly sparse attendance at my studio. I will return tomorrow to post the next group - pleine aire in Honor.

These are all 18 x 24, acrylic on canvas. The 2 bouquets have been adjusted after Lauren, Patty and I had a 3 way skype critique yesterday - I might not have quite succeeded in correcting the flaws. Bouquet 1 needed some warm tones through the central area to tie everything together - I think that it works now. Bouquet 2 needed something to tie the 3 circles together - a rectangular window was suggested and I ended up deciding on the round one in the background - not sure if this one is successful.

something for the fisherman

bouquet 2

bouquet 1

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