Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next on the easel ....

I have done quite a bit on these two so far.
This golden girl caused me a bit of headache - I inadvertently shortened her torso - the leg is too high! I need to make sure it looks plausible and then I can finish her head. She is standing in water - her favorite place - that will be the last challenge on this portrait.

Angel has different challenges for me; all that curly hair!! Not only that but she is a gray blue dog ....... hmmmmm. After I took a look at this photo on my screen, I realized that I've shortened her nose - sigh ......
I'm trying to decide how much more info I'm going to add - the collar will be there, then I will have to decide on background. I've sent an SOS to My buddies Lauren & Patty to ask for suggestions.

Fortunately, I'm ahead of schedule so I can relax, although I had a call from another potential client this afternoon.

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