Thursday, November 27, 2008

November has been a rough month for me. Right off the bat, I had an unbelievable case of the flu. After 4 weeks, I think I'm finally recovering. Then to really make my life miserable, my hard drive crashed - total burial! - and naturally, I hadn't backed it up. My iMac was one week past the warranty period so since it was my own dollar, I decided to upgrade the memory and hard drive. I just now finished reloading all the software. I had saved my painting photos so I only lost everything else!! lucky me! Today is the first time I've been able to post here in the last 2 weeks because I had no way to get at my photos til I reinstalled everything.

During the month of flu I worked on small paintings of trees - they were easy to do without major compositional issues and were fun as well.

The first few were done with reds - autumnal colours, then I switched to blues, greens and violets, going for that soft moonlit or spring feel.

Fall Colours 1
12 x 12

Spring Trees 1
9 x 12

Trees in Moonlight 1
8 x 16