Saturday, October 8, 2011

a very unusual last few months!

Well, after the rains cleared and I got back to golf .... health issues interfered and I ended up in hospital for emergency surgery! 3 weeks in hospital were followed by another 3 weeks gaining back some strength - not the weight though - that was the good part - lost 24 lbs and am keeping it off.
Interestingly, I became quite energized and started several canvases. I do have a large commitment for the spring so it's a good thing I seem to be inspired.

the next 2 paintings are complete and await titles .... groan - the hard part.

this one is 27" square, acrylics, pastels and gel mediums

24' x 30"; same materials

and now shots of my studio with the rest of the prepped canvases.


Patty said...

They all look great! I want to come for a visit, when's a good time?

Lauren said...

they look awesome!!! so glad you are back painting...

Sarnia Sue said...

Thanks guys!
Patty - pick the dates and I'm up for it. Hey Lauren - wanna visit too?