Wednesday, October 12, 2011

some revisions and titling problems

The more I kept looking at the vertical painting I posted last, the less I liked the purple! Today I tried some over painting with blue - didn't work; orange - ugly; Payne's grey - didn't work and finally burnt umber with a touch of black to deepen it. This time I think it's better - still letting it sit.

I also worked on this second one to resolve composition issues - I had split the bottom area into 4 fairly equal sized areas - merged 2 and like it better.

Now to the naming/titling of these! I have been feeling really energetic and high on life so all these paintings share that connection. I have been tossing around the following title ideas:

Dances with a Brush
Brush Dances
Dancing with Life
Brushes with Life

These would be a series numbered from 1 to however many I get done! I hate coming up with titles!!!
Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Dolores Cooper said...

I'm for "Dancing with Life"