Sunday, October 11, 2009

golf season is ending .....

I became a golfing addict this summer - not that I'm very good at it, but it is fun and good exercise - hopefully it will keep my cholesterol levels in good enough control to please my doctor. I have adult onset diabetis and watching cholesterol is included in the control of blood sugar. I am border line with both - so that diet and exercise will keep me pill free.
My handicap is very bad - 48 - but I am hoping to improve. My goal this summer was to break 120 - which I did 3 times - so there is hope! I was playing anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week - always 18, always walking. Boy is my ass in shape!
The down side of all this healthy stuff was that my feet got sore as hell!!! And - I needed a nap most afternoons lololol.
The only painting I've done as a result is a bit of plein aire sketching in Northern Ontario - Gloucester Pool area near Georgian Bay.
We had a cool week but the area is beautiful.
These are done in my moleskin sketch/paint pad - 5" x 8".

I did do a couple of animals to keep in practise - a close up of a kitty and a sketch of a pup which I will later paint........

I am almost ready to start my commission for Tracy - cute white doggie for her mum ... shhhhh


Patty said...

Sue, love your sketches from up north! I actually like the pen that ran!
I'm glad you enjoyed golf so much this year, and that your bum is in such good shape!! LOL

I really like that pencil sketch of the dog too! Look forward to seeing more of your art now that the weather is turning cooler!

Amy Leggate said...

These are Fabulous Sue! Keep em coming!

Krista Hasson said...

Great paintings, I absolutely love the close-up of the cat, nicely done!

Sarnia Sue said...

Thanks guys - sorry it took me so long to respond - I'm NOT a good communicator!!!