Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pi - short for pirate

Here is my pet for this week. Pi is the smaller of my 2 orange boys - he is a coy young thing - doesn't like to be held, but really likes other types attention. I took a photo of him in his kitty condo and used it as the reference for this painting. The orange colour of his fur gave me fits trying to match it as did the white jaw and chin. His irises should be dark/black but I sort of liked this paler look and left them as is. When I took the photo, they reflected the flash and showed up as yellow!!
I'm really enjoying these animal portraits - it is fun to challenge myself with each new one.
10 x 10 w/c on 140lb fabriano


Krista Hasson said...

Your artwork is fantastic! So glad i found your blog, can't wait to see what you do next

Sarnia Sue said...

Thanks for the compliment - I really enjoyed your blog as well. I will add you to the ones I follow.
thanks again