Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January - came & went!

Boy, January seemed to fly by. I did some painting, some golf swing improvement and some torture of eager painters. I had a group of 4 ladies come to my house for 3 sessions on acrylic technique. I'm afraid I got a bit overly enthusiastic and threw a lot more at them then is probably wise seeing as they are all beginners.
They enjoyed the sessions and some of us will continue to meet later in February since naturally, I had them start 6!! and they still need to finish 5 of these. I wasn't smart enough to take progress photos as they worked - but I will try to get some when we meet up again in mid February.

I completed one painting for February's show at the Lawton Gallery, the theme of which is "Seeing Red".
I titled this "contemplation of Hue", 22 x 32 acrylic on paper, attached to canvas

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