Monday, February 23, 2009

play days

This is 12x 12 acrylic on paper which I will later mount on canvas. Another for the "cycles" group - this started with a gessoed surface and texture stamps with further work on the circles so that there are both positive and negative shapes flowing through the whole.


Patty said...

Your stuff looks so good from our Play Day! Mine looks like cr@#! LOL
I don't think I'm cut out for abstract.

Sarnia Sue said...

Patty! you really haven't given it a real chance - AND you might be trying to run before you have learned to walk! The process bogs you down at the moment - you need to look at abstracts the same way as more representational works; balance in shape and value; contrast in texture and line - just some examples - it's tougher to think about all of it with abstract - takes time to adjust. Keep it simple for now - like your snow scenes - they work and are semi abstract - there you go.