Friday, October 24, 2008

Workshop Results

Whoops! Here it is a month later and I am just finally checking in. In the intervening time I went to a workshop in Northern Wisconsin with my buddy Lauren. The instructor was Bob Burridge - an excellent teacher! If you ever get an opportunity to take one of his workshops - DO!
I found his routine really enlightening - who would have thought that after painting for a few years, I really didn't have one.
The rest of my delinquency was a result of life catching up with me once we returned home. Appointments and the flu ate up the next 2 weeks - then when I thought I was finally in the clear, Pat ( dh) went through the kidney stone passage!
Oh well - I can show you some of the work from workshop.

One assignment/challenge was to work with colours you didn't care for; or combinations with that colour as the primary/main focus. I choose violet - I still really hate violet - and these are three of the results.
10 x 11 acrylic on paper

we also were working with different compositional arrangements in each painting - this one was basically the golden section

this one uses the cruciform

this one uses a diagonal composition

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Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Sue, I found you through Lauren's blog. I think these are terrific; I could sit for awhile and look at them. They have interesting movement and mood.