Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Spacial Fractions

30" x 22" Fluid acrylics on 140lb watercolour paper

This is a start I've made based on John Salminen's video "A Designed Approach to Abstraction". It involves using contour drawings of unrelated objects which are traced over top of each other to create an interesting series of new an abstracted shapes. This one includes an ice cream scoop; kitchen shears; a milk frother and a pair of pliers. I since have decided that 3 shapes would have been plenty - I'm having to eliminate some of the smaller bits and tighten up the composition.


Lauren said...

YAY! Looks good! :)

LCS said...

Hey Sue! I love it. The start is intriguing! Congrats on your blog. I will be coming back.

Patty said...

Hey Sue, just found your blog! Very cool!